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Common Electrical Outlet Problems

Electrical outlets, better known as receptacles, allow you to connect different appliances and devices throughout your home. Lamps, space heaters, and other electronic devices get their power when plugged into outlets that allows them to use the home’s electrical system. If there are any problems with outlets, you may need to replace them. Let’s look at three common problems with electrical outlets.

Worn Out Slots

Even though an outlet doesn’t move when it is in use, there are some contact points that function to grip onto plugs and keep them in place. With frequent use over time, the contact points weaken and their ability to grip cords lessens. If this occurs, wiring can become problematic and you may trip the circuit breakers in your home.

Loose Connections

Loose connections are another very common problem that homeowners experience with electrical outlets. Every time you use an outlet, heat is generated and the screws keeping your wire connections secure begin to loosen. Crackling or popping noises are common indicators of this, which you should get electrical services houston professionals provide to make sure your home is kept safe.

Cracked Body

electrical services houston

Danger is danger when it comes to anything that involves electricity, including your outlets. Modern outlets are not as prone to breaking as older outlets, which become brittle over time and crack. If the body of the outlet is damaged in any way, cease use of the outlet until a professional can replace it and make sure that it is once again safe to use.

Some of the electrical problems your home experiences can be small but others can be large. Having a professional on your side can prevent future problems and help you fix current issues that you are experiencing. Outlets can become worn out, loose, or cracked – all of which you should get taken care of immediately by speaking with a professional near you.

electrical services houston
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