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Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

The bathroom is possibly the number one place we don’t want to go and clean.  When you walk into the bathroom you are dealing with everything and anything that the previous users had.  With diseases and other unknowns circling around our environment nowadays, there is no telling what could happen.  With this in mind, it is very important, more now than ever, that commercial bathroom sanitation services edmonton are used to protect us from the world.

Wear gloves

Before going into any cleaning project, you want to wear gloves, long sleeve shirts and eve face coverings. You never know what might splash back up at you.  Gross! When you enter into a commercial bathroom make sure that you have everything that you need to protect your eyes, mouth, cuts and more.

Use bleach and other cleaners

You want to make sure that you are using products that will kill germs, bacteria and other contaminants.  Simple soap won’t be enough for a commercial environment.  However, when you use harsher chemicals and cleaners you are able to kill the germs that hide in those unseen spots.

Start from the back and work your way forward

When cleaning you want to start at the back of the bathroom and in the corners and work your way forward.  When you do this you are not going back and redoing work you have already done or contaminating areas that you have already cleaned.

commercial bathroom sanitation services edmonton

Report maintenance issues

When you are cleaning a bathroom, you want to note and report al maintenance issues such as busted pipes, leaking sinks, backed up toilets and more.  When you report these items, they can quickly be fixed.  In certain situations, people may not heed out of order signs and use something that is broken just because they have no choice.  This can lead to more problems than we want so just make sure to note and report.

commercial bathroom sanitation services edmonton
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